Eat. Pray. Provence.

July 2 - 6


Introducing a Four-Day Rite of Passage to Personal & Professional Fulfillment

You are a professional wonder woman who recognizes that you’ve dedicated your life to supporting others or living someone else’s dream.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to relinquish your cape, if only for a few days and join a group of fellow heroines for the adventure of a lifetime to reclaim your truth and finally live the life you were destined.

Before every life transition is an initiation, a call to step out of the familiar and into the unknown where our deepest aspirations have a chance to live

We’re honored to personally invite you on this four-day, self-exploration experience, EAT PRAY PROVENCE to:

  • Allow yourself to finally receive 
  • Develop and trust your intuition
  • Transform inner stagnation to outer flourishing
  • Design your next chapter versus living by default
  • Avoid spiritual narcolepsy and remember your true self
  • Discover your truth and reclaim the life you deeply desire
  • Eliminate status-quo thinking and attain true self-fulfillment
  • Breakthrough personal barriers to go from stuck to unstoppable
  • Develop self-compassion as you reconnect with the authentic you
  • Understand the power of your story to decode your mission and message
  • Liberate your self expression & powerfully share yourself in the world
  • Align your desires with who you really are and not who you think you should be
  • Receive clarity, confidence and courage to create the income you desire & deserve

Most people don't live 70-90 years, they live the same year 70-90 times because they keep making excuses for doing the same thing over and over again, and not living the life they want

If you are ready and willing to stop making excuses to live the life YOU desire and be known for the gifts, talents and passions that only YOU were destined to offer ....


The most essential gift you can give to yourself and others is to live a fully empowered version of your true self

Because when you aren’t entirely true to yourself, you aren’t truly living

It starts by saying yes to you....

Until we say YES to investing in our greatest asset - ourselves, the life of simply existing, being busy and pursuing security will continue to be our default. Sure, it provides us with an illusion of security -- I am tackling life, I am staying on top of things, I'm surviving but it’s a false sense of self-assurance that never deeply fulfills. Sadly, we believe it’s the only path available to us. It isn’t!

The tricky thing about desire....

If the truth be told, at some point we’ve all been burned by desire. It’s the type of thing we can’t seem to live with or without. In the face of this quandary, most of us numb or distract ourselves, live by our logic or bury the whole question of:

   • What do I truly desire?
   • What’s possible for me at this life stage?
   • What am I truly capable of achieving?

Over time we eventually put a safe distance between ourselves and desire because the pursuit of desire has caused us so much pain in the past. Only we know deep down that our hearts are restless, the clock is ticking or challenging circumstances are contributing to the urgency we feel around realizing our aspirations NOW versus someday.

All women live but not all live feeling fully alive

So how do we return to ourselves if we’ve buried our desires and quenched our feminine intuition?

  • Spend 4 powerful days with Sophia Marsh-Ochsner and get to the core of who you are. Know yourself like you've never known yourself before. Through intimately guided coaching experiences, exercises and meditations (conducted in the spectacular grounds of an 18th Century villa overlooking sweeping lavender fields), Sophia will empower you to receive a new awareness about yourself and your life previously hidden from view.
  • You will emerge out of this experience with an empowered vision of who you are and the kind of life you want to create – a life based on correctly interpreting the power of your story, a trust in the intuitive impulses within and a reclamation of those parts of yourself you may have left behind.
  • The experience is interwoven with restorative periods of self-reflection, meditation and sacred journaling to heal, reveal and realize your greater potential.
  • You’ll return home with a fresh awareness and realization of your desires, empowered to live and fully express your purpose and passion. And ready to take aligned action based upon your inner congruency.
  • A deeply restorative and sensory experience, the retreat will allow you to slow down in Provence's grounding energy to receive a new sense of inner calm and physical wellbeing.
  • Feel soulfully and culturally enriched by your exposure to the sights, smells and tastes of Province with your personal guide, Kathleen Obre. You will return reinvigorated and reconnected to yourself - forever changed by your experience in France's Mediterranean heartland.

The Cost of Not Living You Fully.....

A heartfelt question. What has it cost you to remain unfulfilled and disconnected from who you really are or your desires? What price are you paying for not knowing your purpose, not attaining your professional aspirations or not daring to create the business only you were destined to do? How is this impacting your personal relationships or your mental, emotional, financial, and even physical health? The truth is, most of us don't want to answer this question.....

The cumulative impact can be costly on all fronts but despite what you’ve been told, your problems, challenges and stresses – and their solutions – are not outside of yourself. The answer lies within …and is waiting to be uncovered! And therein lies your true power.

Kathleen made the decision to leave her corporate job after realizing her daily professional existence and commute were smothering her spirit and having a major impact on her health and relationships. Unfortunately we are not always able to recognize or hear our soul’s voice, but coaching with Sophia helped guide Kathleen into understanding her misalignment and brought clarity to her real desires in life. With her newly found knowledge, the Universe began conspiring to support her once she began a path of being truthful to herself. Previous challenges of finding the right corporate job were later seen and embraced as positive circumstances that were necessary to support Kathleen’s new visions and ultimately fulfill a dream of living abroad in France.

It was during Sophia’s visit to Kathleen in the Provence last year when the two had a mutual epiphany while standing in a sea of sunflowers. The plan: to create the type of total immersion experience for the soul and senses in an awe-inspiring environment that would allow women to connect to their truth, identify their core desires and overcome their inertia to take aligned action NOW– was born.

​During Eat Pray Provence, Kathleen will be your onsite guide to the bounty of the land! Through daily excursions and delicious homemade meals, you will experience a sensory explosion into the history, beauty and traditional foods known to this region. Sophia will be your empowerment coach navigating your exploration-within through powerful, intimate, group-guided sessions, exercises, and morning meditations.

Your evenings will be spent basking in the candlelit villa or around the pool under the Provencal starlit skies.

Once our life experiences resonate with our innermost being of who we really are, we can finally feel the rapture of being alive

Eat Pray Provence is right for you if:

  • You are in a service-based industry that constantly requires you to give but rarely to receive.
  • You are experiencing major life transition and are ready to reclaim yourself and intentionally create your next chapter.
  • You recognize you are your own stumbling block and desire to overcome self-sabotage once and for all.
  • You self-identify with your life circumstances, challenges or your story and have forgotten who you really are and your core desires.
  • You seemingly have it all together but are soulfully unfulfilled or still feel disempowered.
  • You are emotionally exhausted or on the fast track to burnout by being everyone but you.
  • You have invested in business coaching programs but still struggle with identifying your core mission and message.
  • You are tired of being in control and want to trust in a process that allows you to let go and be guided.
  • You have attempted to work on your life by addressing your external circumstances but are now ready to look within for the answers.
  • You are done with discounting your value in the world and desire to be financially rewarded for your life’s work.
  • You are determined to see your visions realized by reconnecting to your empowered self.
  • You are living from your masculine energy and are ready to cultivate your feminine power.
  • ​You are ready for the adventure of a lifetime and dare to desire to live the fullest expression of yourself NOW.
  • You desire a safe container of transformation, sisterhood while indulging your wanderlust.


June 2-6, 2017


A spectacular 18th Century Provencal villa within minutes of the charming village of Bonnieux, the Luberon region of Provence, France

Your retreat fee includes:

  • Four (4) night villa accommodations (your own private bedroom and ensuite bathroom)
  • All group-facilitated coaching sessions, exercises and experiences customized to the needs of participants (and determined through pre-retreat interviews)
  • Private heated outdoor pool and deck offering fantastic views of the surrounding lavender fields, countryside and hilltop village of Bonnieux
  • Guided morning meditations in the tranquil grounds of the villa
  • All healthy and homemade Provencal meals including: breakfast, lunch, aperitif and dinner
  • All Provençal excursions including visiting nearby villages of Lourmarin, Gourdes and Lacoste; wine-tasting to local vineyards; shopping at traditional local markets; walking amidst the region’s famous lavender and sunflower fields which should be in full bloom
  • Round-trip shuttle to/from Marseille Airport, France
  • BONUS:   Group coaching calls with Sophia before and after the retreat
  • BONUS:   Access to the Eat Pray Provence Facebook Group Community

Your retreat fee does not include:

  • Air fare to/from Marseille, France
  • Any offsite meals or hotels that you arrange before or after the retreat

Bonuses for Full Pay Participants:

  • Provence Welcome Gift Bag with Local Traditional Products on Arrival (Valued at $300)
  • 90-minute Inspired Call-to Action with Sophia (post retreat) to integrate your biggest takeaways and take your next aligned steps (Valued at $700)


What if I don't have the time?

What if I want to attend but don't have the money?

What if I'm not sure I want to travel so far?

Why should this retreat work over another program ?

What if I'm still unsure if Eat Pray Provence is right for me?

Glowing Testimonials

"It’s no exaggeration to say that my coaching experience with Sophia was life changing. She was able to provide clarity and enlightenment in areas I didn’t even know existed. I highly recommend Sophia to anyone looking for life or career changes and the desire to realize those changes NOW!"

- Charmaine L.(CA) Business Professional

"Sophia has illuminated my thinking in so many areas that I could never have seen on my own, most notably the simple and surprising fact - that I was standing in the way of my own success. I would recommend Sophia to anyone who is committed to reinventing their personal and professional life, especially those who can no longer tolerate the pain of being in status quo."

- Lori P. (CA) Licensed Eesthetician & Coach in Training

"Working with Sophia helped me to laser-through the fog that prevented me from realizing my vision and gave me the professional jump start I needed. Her support allowed me to uncover my soul’s purpose where both passion and abundance live. I have finally connected the dots and reached the place I knew existed but had alluded me for so long."

- Denise T.(TN) Business & Life Coach for Creatives

Your Eat Pray Provence Retreat Fee Includes:

  • Four (4) night villa accommodations
  • Round trip shuttle to/from Marseille Airport
  • All meals (breakfast, lunch, aperitif & dinner incl.)
  • Group facilitated coaching , exercises & experiences during retreat
  • Bonus group coaching call with Sophia before and after retreat
  • Daily guided meditations
  • All afternoon excursions & activities around the region of Bonnieux
  • Access to private pool, gardens & lavender fields
  • Access to Eat Pray Provence Facebook community

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About Sophia Marsh-Ochsner

Sophia is UK-born, LA-based empowerment coach, life-rallier and heart-based entrepreneur who champions women to free themselves from the need to look outside for the answers and recognize one simple, radical truth: the answer is already in you.

​So far, Sophia’s nine lives span 16 years in television, travel, fashion and growing her own boutique PR firm. Her soulfully unfulfilling career as a publicist and its 24/7 demands left her longing for more and instigated her trial-by-fire initiation into personal growth and an obsession to overcoming her own self-limiting stories.

​Her luxury coaching experiences guide women to look far beyond typical self-help techniques to search deep within for the answers. Employing a unique, honest, and impactful communication style, Sophia cuts through the noise and speaks directly to the heart of the issues that are keeping women from living in alignment with their true purpose and passions.

​Sophia is also a globe-trotting, lifestyle and personal growth junkie who just happens to believe that her biggest blunders & enlightened moments can shave years off a woman’s personal and professional trajectory.

About Kathleen Obre

Kathleen is an east coast native, growing-up in Vermont and graduating with a degree in math at the University of Vermont. Filled by wanderlust and the desire to start anew, she moved to California living on the southern OC coast often referred to as the American Riviera.

​After working 15 years in corporate professional jobs, she recognized that her heart was not following her path and that her priorities in life needed to be realigned. Searching for a more balanced and soul-filled lifestyle, when the opportunity to leap from corporate and move to France arose, Kathleen and her husband sold their Laguna Beach home, packed their bags and dogs and headed to Europe to begin a more inspired life in the French countryside.

​Still living in Provence, Kathleen is enjoying a more enriched life, now building a footwear label with her husband, while engaging in newly found passions and sharing her new experiences through blogging, photography and cooking.

Quit waiting for permission from others to honor your desires, the only person you have to say yes to is YOU


What if your life is not a problem to be solved but an adventure to be lived.
​Join an intimate group of women for Eat Pray Provence for the ultimate self-exploration and empowerment adventure

See you in France mon chéri!
Love, Sophia & Kathleen